Ureeka Content Writing Services

Effective date: June 30, 2021

Ureeka, Inc.’s content writing service (“Content Writing Service”) is governed by the Ureeka Terms of Service (the “Terms”), which can be found at https://ureeka.biz/legal/tos/ureekatos-v042820. By using Ureeka’s Content Writing Service, you agree to be bound by the Terms. If you do not agree to be bound by the Terms, you may not access or use the Content Writing Service. Please note that the Terms are subject to change by Ureeka, in its sole discretion, at any time.


All Content Writing Service projects include:

  • Title ideation based on the topic that was provided by the client
  • Topic research
  • Content writing
  • Proofreading
  • Delivery

Production Time:

Ureeka allows up to two hours of production time per document ordered. This time is spent:

  • Researching your topic based on your instructions. Please note that we do not provide subject matter experts. You should not expect the insight someone with first-hand topical experience would have. Our writers will use internet research to carry out your requests.
  • Drafting the document based on your instructions
  • Optimizing the document based on your instructions
  • Proofreading the document (Please note that Ureeka does not provide a full-suite of editing services)

Production requests that require more than two hours’ worth of production time may be rejected and refunded without notice.

Document Delivery:

Documents will be produced via Google Docs and delivered via the email that you provided to us in your account dashboard.

Content Length:

We have no minimum or maximum word count for content requests. At the end of the day, you have the freedom to determine the type of content (i.e., blog post, web page copy, product description, etc.), the length of each piece and how many pieces you need per month. 

Remember, as each credit is equal to a single word, the number of word credits you redeem for any given piece of content will directly correlate to the word count of the piece. If you have a balance of 200,000 credits, for example, you can divide it between 40 long-form blog posts at 5,000 words per piece, 200 product reviews at 1000 words a pop and so on and so forth.

Reasonable Revisions:

Ureeka provides up to 2 reasonable revisions per document ordered. Each revision will be returned within approximately 3 working days from when the revision request is received by our team.

Revisions are meant to correct accidental factual inaccuracies, or to phrase information in a way that better meets the expectations of our clients. They are not meant to be a way to request editing, research, SEO, or other services that we do not provide.

We provide up to 1-hour of production time towards each revision request. Requests for full-rewrites will not be accommodated.


Whether you make a one-time standard credit purchase or an extra bulk word credit purchase, you are free to stop redeeming your credits at any time

Writers – Project Assignment:

While we aim for consistency when assigning customer content orders to our team, the reality of workload limitations means we cannot guarantee our customers the same writer for every piece of content.

Writers – Client Communication:

Ureeka customers cannot contact our writers directly. Project management and content-related communications – from payment inquiries to content revision requests – will be handled by each customer’s dedicated Customer Success Representative (in collaboration with a content editor where appropriate).

This formal communication framework provides benefits to all parties involved, as it not only allows our team to more effectively take into account customer feedback, but it empowers our writers to focus on doing what they do best – developing best-in-class SEO optimized content.


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